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The management of Wickersham Construction and Engineering, Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees.

Planning for safety is incorporated in all phases of our company's work. To aid us with our safety program we employ a full-time Safety Manager, Michael Harbaugh with over 40 years of construction and safety experience.

Local Fire Department Information Session for practice with resuce operations.

Wickersham Safety Program:

  • Conduct daily whiteboard safety meetings prior to start of work along with weekly Wickersham generated toolbox talks
  • In-house Safety Committee meets monthly to maintain a proactive approach to safety
  • Provide 16 hours of Safety Training for all new hires
  • Provide mentors for young and/or less experienced workers
  • Implement orange hard hat policy for all new hires' first 90 days
  • Conduct and document unannounced site safety inspections
  • Maintain detailed safety training records and safety information, available online to all Project Superintendents
  • Conduct full incident and near-miss investigations and implement immediate corrective action
  • Provide Safety Data Sheets to all employees at every site by hard copy and/or online
  • Conduct pre-construction safety planning
  • Prepare Job Hazard Anyalysis 

Continuing Safety Education:

  • Over 50% of the field employees have 30 Hour OSHA training and an additional 15% have 10 Hour OSHA Training
  • In-house Safety Commitee meets monthly
  • Attend numerous safety workshops throughout the year
  • Participate in OSHA Roundtables
  • Attend National Safety Council Congress and Safety Expo annually
  • Attend biannual (3 day) safety workshops with our insurance carrier
  • Wickersham Construction is a founding member of ABC's apprenticeship program and incentive employee participation



  • EMR is consistently below the industry average of 1.0.
  • Incident Rate is better than the industry average in multiple disciplines.  
  • Lost Time Accident record is 439 days.
  • Maintain independent safety certifications from IS Net World & Safety Management Inc.
  • ABC Safety and STEP Award recipient
  • Maintain certification at many high-risk industrial plants.

Safety Awards:

  • ABC Safety Awards
  • ABC Step Award (Gold Award)
  • Top 10% Presidential Circle Risk-Control Excellence Award